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The Present

December, 2021

It's been a ridiculously long time since I updated this. I guess it goes to show what happens when you try to build a company and the world is turned upside down in more dimensions than I can count.

My current plan is to get this site into better shape so hopefully if you come back here at some point in the near future you'll see improvement!

The Past

August, 2020

Things feel like they're really picking up at Ressemble so unclear how much other stuff I'll be doing this month. We have a couple of users onboarded and it's awesome to see them use the product.

Since there hasn't been any semblance of normalcy since February, the way I've kept myself sane has been to code and work on a bunch of different projects. We'll see if this continues during August, I can't tell if I'm exhausted or restless?

Goal for this month is to read four books. Backlog growing too big!

July, 2020

Worked on Added some copy on the landing page and onboarded a couple of more users. Only one or two really using it though, which is fine. I'm still trying to decide whether I even want more users? It's nice to build something primarily just for me. I use it every day.

June, 2020

I honestly don't know what happened to June, it sort of just flew by. I was able to fully relax for the first time in a long time though so that was nice.

Goal for this month is to onboard a second beta user!

May, 2020

Writing up a blog post on `how to make a blog with phoenix`, you can see the wip here.

Also working on making An Open Plan.

Trying to find my creativity after the pandemic drained a good amount of my energy there in the beginning. Starting to find my footing again :)

Updated: July 6th, 2020